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     This page will contain a list of the companies and sites that use the d20 standard stat block format. Sites will be added as the Chief Compliance Officer (or those appointed in absentia) approves them.

Role Playing Master - While not a member of the SSBF, Luke Jones has been involved with it for some time; he fully intends to support this format in later versions of his RPM software.

Jamis Buck's Generators - Jamis' next version of he NPC generator will fully support the d20 standard stat block format.

MW Tools - Charles Greathouse's MW Tools Stat Block Generator already uses the beta version of the d20 standard format.

Bard's Productions - The first company to respond to our email call for support.

Four Horsemen Games - Another trendsetter, adopting the format within less than 24 hours of our letter.

MonkeyGod Enterprises - One more company adopting our format before its public release.

Mystic Triad - Soon to be a supporter of the SSBF with their upcoming products: Mystic Monsters I and Magical Places.

PCProfiler - An adaptable, time-saving character sheet; it imports stat blocks from d20 standard format.

DMs Familiar - An extensive DM prep tool.

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