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Mission Statement

     It is the goal of the Standard Stat Block Foundation (SSBF) to establish in the d20 System community a unified style to be used in the formatting of d20 statistic blocks, so as to provide customers with consistency and efficiency. With the debut of the Third Edition of Dungeons and Dragons by Wizards of the Coast, we were introduced to the "statistics block" as a snapshot of a creature's or character's relevant abilities and information for use in an encounter. Within the first year of the flourishing d20 System community, we have seen a multitude of variations on the original stat block format, forcing the consumer to deal with inconsistency throughout even one company's publications. The SSBF is a non-profit organization that promotes a defined standard that will evolve to meet the needs of the d20 System community. The d20 System publishers support this standard by means of compliance with the Standard Stat Block (SSB) format as established through a community effort and distributed freely through the SSBF website.

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